The Artists

This year, TZ Productions is proud to bring together some of the most famous and talented names in the circus world today. Checkout the great stories behind a few of our featured artists.


SPECTAC!™ 2017 Ringmaster & America's Show Camels

For the first time in Joplin!  Ian Garden Jr is one of North America's premier ringmasters.  His multi-generational circus family has not only produced their own circuses, but also have trained many different species of animals for some of this continent's finest shows such as Circo Atyde and Ringling Brothers and of course the show you are about to see.

The Zerbini Liberty Horses

The tenth generation of the Zerbini Circus Family, Erika Zerbini, presents her beautiful Arabian horses.  This act has been a favorite with audiences across North America with a special surprise appearance from Elivis and Bellagio.

The VIDELA Family Circus Clowns

The hilarious Videla Family are a 5th generation Argentian circus clown troupe, and continue to entertain families of all ages. For SPECTAC!™ 2017 they’ll showcase a Unicycle performance that meld comedy, hijinks, talent, innovation and tradition. Piolita is the clowning pilot while his son’s Crithian and Sebastian will “fly” on their Unicycles to heights seldom witnessed. It’s a marvelous sight to be seen.


The Rage In The Cage!  Bruno's unique presentation style will keep you on the edge of your seat.

MARTIN GONZALES Strap & Silk Aerial Act

Martin Gonzales Jr. is a 5th generation circus artist performer originally from Peru. In the limelight since the age of three, Martin has perfected almost every extreme thrill act in the circus today. Now with rigorous training and discipline, the 28 year old has developed an explosive Strap and Silk Act for SPECTAC!™ 2016 that showcases the athleticism, gymnastic ability and strength of a world class athlete. Simply put, Martin Gonzales is truly a phenomenon!

The Tarzan Zerbini Performing Elephants

Ericka Zerbini is a tenth generation circus artist.  Ms Zerbini; follows in the footstep of her parents (Tarzan Zerbini and Lisi Bauer), along with her three sisters (Patricia, Sylvia and Christine).  They have all made names for themselves as aerialists, thrill artists, and animal trainers. Erika and the Zerbini Dancers will showcase the beautiful Zerbini Elephants in an entertaining Vegas style production that all families will love. A headlining sensation at SPECTAC!™ 2017